What is the Idea behind Indalo Accommodation?

To accommodate the housing needs of its tenants in a safe environment in one of the most prestigious areas of Nicosia. Hassle free accommodation, all inclusive of utility bills and taxes with made to measure contracts always at an affordable level. We are one of the few affiliated with the University of Nicosia Accommodation Office student residences.

Where is Indalo Accommodation located?

Indalo accommodation is located in the EU part of Nicosia in Morphou Street. The black dotted line in Google Maps that shows both UNIc and Indalo in the buffer zone is wrong by few hundred meters.

Can i stay in Indalo if i am not a student in the University of Nicosia?

Yes . There are usually some places in the summer with reduced rates . During Academic Year priority is given to students of the University of Nicosia.

Why Flexible & Practical ?

Contract duration can be customized to your needs.At the moment we offer 10 month and yearly contacts. There are significant discounts upon prepayment of the total amount and during summer months where we welcome short term stay.

Moreover, ALL utility bills are included in the rate provided removing the need to make any contract with any local authority for electricity, internet connection, water supply etc. , saving you time, money and lots of hassle!

What is our relationship with the University of Nicosia (in Greek. Πανεπιστήμιο Λευκωσίας)?

We are in close contact with the University ‘s Housing Department as one of the few affiliated with the University accommodations .

Are guests allowed?

Yes. Cyprus is a very hospitable country and so are we!

Are there any bicycles for tenants to use?

Yes. Free of charge for the tenants ,they are in limited numbers, so please ask for them in advance.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is ONLY allowed in every studio’s private balcony or garden.

What does the deposit represent?

The deposit is ONLY used against damages and unpaid electricity consumption (assuming not an all inclusive contract). It cannot be used as a payment of the rent of any month.

What is the payment policy?

For Academic Contracts the total amount should be paid in two installments. Typically one at the beginning and the next one by the start of the next semester

What happens if I wish to terminate the contract prematurely?

A notice of at least two months must be given. However, the deposit is lost if the duration of the contract is not fulfilled.Standard terms include 2 month rent for premature contract termination

How many people can stay in one studio?

Some studios have 2 beds, some others a day bed which turns into double bed and one has a bunker double bed with a couch that turns into another double bed.

What do I need to bring with me.

We can provide everything on arrival , just bring your clothes!

Is there any cleaning service for my studio or kitchen?

Yes, at an extra charge.

Can I choose a specific studio?

According to availability and our policy,yes it is possible.

What is Included in the All Inclusive Monthly rate?

All Inclusive refers to rent, common expenses,, Digital & Satellite Tv Reception Capability, water supply, Internet , electricity bills (generous sufficient allowance/bill) as well as any other applicable tax.

What does Indalo mean?

Indalo is a prehistoric magical symbol of good luck. Check it on Wikipedia and on youTube.